Martin Murdoch's home pages - The Last family tree

Everytime I take a fresh look at this page I try to fit another piece into the
puzzle which is family history, there is always something that you can
add to expand on the genealogy a bit, you tend to take your own family details
for granted, its only when there are so few left that you think that you
should have taken more time to listen to the stories & map it out properly.
Some of the tails that families come up with don't seem important at  the time 
but I suppose in future they will form the bits in the puzzle that is social 
history - anyway read on & see what you think!

I'd like to say a really big thankyou to Annette Copse for all the research
material she forwarded to me which has helped me to construct these pages,
if you look carefully you will find that Annette is related to me via George
Last who was born in 1812.

I'm still building these pages so please do report any broken links or bits
you consider to be just wrong!
Born in July 1923 London

Married Jonh Reith Murdoch 12 April 1952 in Ipswich

now living in Seaford East Sussex.
Born 12 November 1900 died 20 July 1978

First married to Arthur Smith (Schmies), Arthur died around 1926
Second marriage to John Victor Cox.
Born 1865 died 194?

Joseph Henry was known as Harry

He married Sarah Hazel? & had 5 children

Sarah Hazel? (1866 Scotton, Norfolk)

Last known living in Bigbys corner, Saxmundham, Suffok.
Born 1841 Died ?

Married Sarah Peck

Last known living in ?
Born 1812 in Badingham Suffolk - Died 12 June 1890

George married Mahala Burgil on 20 Dec 1835 at Bruisyard.

They had 12 children.

Both are buried at St Peters in Bruisyard, sadly the gravestones are no
longer there.

Mahala Died on 24 February 1892
Born 1792 Stradbrook Suffolk

This is a guess so far - any help welcome!
This page is still under construction so if you arrive here you have found
a link that I have not had time to follow up yet - try again later or better
still can you fill in the gap?